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The Sanskrit word 'Yoga' actually means 'alignment of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.' In western terms, it is coordinated stretching and breathing exercise. Yoga is really a heap of things, many of which are feelings of well being that can't be talked or written about - but can be experienced!

Yoga is injury and pain prevention - It provides a counter stretching mechanism to keep all muscles tendons toned, stretched, and balanced evenly, preventing injury and discomfort, and providing relief to existing conditions.

Yoga is stress control - yoga breathing techniques have proven to reduce stress considerably.

Yoga is healing - yoga exercises help the bodies ability to deliver blood, which contains oxygen and healing nutrients, to troubled tissue areas.

Yoga is self discipline - taking responsibility for our own health, and our state of well being. It is an attitude that we are not victims of circumstance, that we do have a say in the course of our lives through applying our self discipline.

Yoga is a way of thinking - yoga is a way of feeling good, a way of taking control of our physiological, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Yoga is everyday life for every one, and every age.