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Health Programs Therapuetic Massage and Body Work



Massage is manipulation of the soft tissue of the body (skin, underlying fatty tissue, muscles, connective tissues, and tendons.) Effects on the body through massage depend on the technique being used, the physical condition of the person being massaged, and the purpose for giving the massage. Generally the aim of massage si first to soothe, relax and help the body release tension. Toning, stimulating, releasing tension, stiffness, joint pain, and hardened areas in the muscles often called ‘crystals’, or knots. Silence is always best when giving a massage, no verbal chitchat, or soft gentle music. A warm, comfortable environment on a firm, flat massage table with comfortable positioning for the head, shoulders, and feet is best. Organic pure vegetable oils, and balms are best used sparingly. Short nails, and warm hands are important, plus a calm and quiet manner.

The four basic movements of massage are:
Effleurage – even smooth, soothing movements
Patris sage – circular, rolling, wringing, picking up movements.
Friction – fingertips or thump pads, disperse of knots.
Tapotement – tapping, hacking, pounding, and clapping.

Reflexology Zone Therapy.
Physicians, and healers have used zone therapy in Asia for centuries. For every important muscle, or gland organ in the trunk and head there is a tiny area on one of the hands, feet, ears, and even the tongue that corresponds to it. With the correct type of stimulation and massage work on these areas you can unblock an energy flow that also affect the corresponding area of the body.