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‘Emotional Balance’

The body is a memory bank which holds all of it’s experiences, forgetting nothing, even when the conscious mind is unable to recall these events. The whole body will remember experiences, not just the mind. Mind and body are a unit, the body will react to experiences which have been disconnected, coded, and stored. Any painful, traumatic experiences will be locked into the subconscious mind. The complete balance of the child goes way back to the consciousness of the two people conceiving the child. The state of the health and environment of the mother carrying the child has a further major influence on the child. Following these tow things is the birth process and the early , up to seven years in particular, as these are the really crucial years for the consciousness to be properly formed. Just because a foetus cannot conceptualise the stress does not mean that it is not being hurt by it, or that the stress will not leave a lasting effect on later behavior. New York ontologist, in research papers, has stated that when a sudden noise strikes the ear the heart beats rapidly, pupils dilate, the blood vessels constrict, stomach, esophagus, and intestines, are seized by spasms… You forget the noise but your body never will. Pain from emotional trauma can be felt in our lives, then stored in the body for a lifetime, producing tension as it's symptoms. Effects of painful events stored in the brain eventually produce effects on the growth center in the brain. Stress and tension can interfere with the diurnal rhythm of hormone secretion. The hypothalamus is the central area where feelings become translated into physical realities. It is the transducer of the mind and body. It regulates many vital life systems including core body temperature. It secretes hormones called 'releasing factors'.
The job of parents is to help children enjoy life. When children are happy they are well integrated, they will take part in society efficiently and effectively. Let children embrace joyousness, simplicity, and be natural.