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Health Programs Nutrition and Food Preparation
Personal sessions, and classes preparing and experiencing wise nutrition according to your blood group and ayurvedic constitution.

'Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher'
- Wordsworth.

The body is like a furnace, feed it the correct diet (fuel) and you will have efficiency in your energy and complete running order. The direction you choose is up to you. You and nobody else on this planet is responsible for your happiness. The diet, lifestyle, circumstances, and relationships, as an adult are your choosing. Change is first a state of mind and followed by an action. Let that action be a wise one. As you introduce biogenic (living foods) and bioactive (fresh foods) according to your blood type and ayervedic body type you will notice improvements in how you feel. Remember, the longer the sickness has occurred, the greater the patience will have to be to become well. Learning to listen to what the body tells us we will increase our awareness to what is correct or not. Sit quietly with only pleasant conversation (if any) while eating, and chewing your food thoroughly 25 chews. We do not have teeth in our stomach. Think of the mouthful you are eating rather than what you are about to eat. Pleasant colours around you (especially orange and yellow) increase the digestive juices. Be joyous in preparation and partaking of your meals.