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Health Programs Naturopathy

Personal health programs and group sessions are ongoing at the Jivana Retreat.

'Inflammation is a reconstructive process and should not be suppressed. Every acute disease is a result of cleansing and healing effort of nature.' - Henry Lindhahr

A healthy person is whole in mind, body, emotion, and spirit, enjoying a state of harmony and inner peace with self and the universe around them.  Since beginning my practice of Natural Preventative Health Care in the 1970s, I have never yet seen a completely healthy person. Each of us has a personal duty to be well, as individual wellness forms the collective consciousness of the planet.  We are, however, here on our own personal journey to embrace that God given right. Through conscious awareness we become well. Wellness is something we all would be wise to strive for in our lives. When we have complete wellness we have the ability to move unrestricted in any direction we choose in life.  Choose a qualified natural health practitioner who has the ability to help you on your journey to wellness. Follow through with wise advise on steps to improve wellness. Patience and perseverance wins through. Your blood changes every 6 weeks, your cells every 4 months, your bones every 7 years. This means, given the right circumstances, dietary principles, environment, lifestyle etc, you can grow a completely new you. Why not improve on the old model. We can change and improve our automobile, why not ourselves? What we focus on in our lives we will attract to us. Embrace the principles of healing and enjoy an improved state of wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

More information about Naturopathy can be obtained from: www.naturopathyonline.com (note this is an external website)