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Health Programs Medical Herbs
Historically, the use of plants, weeds, herbs, goes back over 40,000 years. The Egyptians, and Romans used herbs for stamina, and improved performance in their armies. World wide there is a fast growing awareness of their benefits with over 75% of the world population using medicinal herbs.

Plants do four things:

Many of the foods we eat regularly are herbal medicines, such as garlic, which is commonly used as an anti-biotic for its blood thinning properties. Garlic is also used for flu, to ward off colds, some parasitic problems, and is also helpful for lung, bronchial, and blood pressure problems. Properly chosen herbs are in harmony with human beings. Herbs are our allies and most suited to our complete wellness. We tap into our higher conscious wisdom when we use herbs for our healing. Just observe an animal when it is out of sorts, it goes to grasses and plants to help it return to balance and wellness.